Yan Kanji

Yan Kanji iPhone App
Yan Kanji contains 475 kanji inspired by the 1980s series “Let’s Learn Japanese”. Also known as “Yan and the Japanese People”. Featuring all 13 episodes, with 25 kanji per episode plus a further 150 kanji in the example phrases. Now on YouTube.

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Number Kanji

Number Kanji iPhone App
Number Kanji is a quick-reference guide to the kanji for numbers, time and date, and counters for various objects such as animals, books, flat things. The app highlights the different readings for irregular counters and other expressions. Now a Top 100 app in the Australian iTunes (Education) store!

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Bailout Ben

Bailout Ben iPhone App
Bailout Ben (aka Helicopter Benny) is on a mission to engineer the biggest bailout in the history of the universe! Fly around dropping wads of cash from the sky, then bail out everyone to see Benny dance to the funky beat!

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Team Spirit

Team Spirit iPhone App
Instead of taking a boring old banner to a game or concert, take your iPhone and the Team Spirit app! Stand in a row with your friends, select the letter and team colours, then wave your iPhone in the air like you just don't care!

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